10 The Most Important Things To Do Before Publishing A Blog Post

10 The Most Important Things To Do Before Publishing A Blog Post

Your new blog post is done and ready to be published? Before you hit “Publish” check this 10 thing and make sure they are done.


1. Add headings and subheadings to easily read the text.

Divide up text into smaller sections and add headings to easily read and immediately see what are the most important things in this post.


2. Format text

Add paragraphs, make bold, underline and/or italic important words.


3. Add Links (internal, external)

Add relevant links to your older blog post and relevant links to other web pages.


4. Add Keywords

Add relevant keywords.


5. Add Description

Add short description.


6. Add Images and Featured Image

If you can, add some relevant images and definitely add Featured Image. Don’t forget to optimize images (SEO)!


7. Add Category

If your blog has categories, choose the right one for this post.


8. Add some social media “Click to Tweet”

For easier sharing you can also add “Click to Tweet” quotes, ready just for click and tweet. Like this:


9. Check Spellcheck and proofread

Read your blog post one more time and make sure that your posts are easy to read and do not contain any big grammatical errors or misspellings.


10. Preview

Check how your blog post looks like. Are the images in the right places? Does it look nice, clean and organized?


Those are 10 things I do before publish my new blog post. Is there anything else you want to add?

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