10 secret tricks for Instagram Stories

10 secret tricks for Instagram Stories

10 secret tricks for Instagram Stories

The best tricks are usually top secret, but if we share them, we all have more from that.
Are you in?
In this post, I share some of my favorite Instagram Stories tricks, and in the video, I show you how to easily use them (video is in Slovene, but you can see how to do this tricks).

10 skritih trikov za Instagram Stories


1 | copy and paste photos directly in to stories

Do you know that you can easily copy and paste photo(s) in the Instagram Stories? Yes, you can create a collage of different photos. How to do it?
1 – Choose a photo in your photo library,
2 – copy,
3 – paste,
4 – repeat steps with other photos and publish.


2 |Background

As background in stories, you don’t necessarily need to use a photo or a video. You can also use a colored background and then add a caption or otherwise decorate it.
1 – First take a photo (no matter what),
2 – choose a pencil and color you would like to have,
3 – click and hold on the screen, until the entire screen is colored.


3 | Background align text left / right / central

Yes, there is a button above where you can select the alignment of the text (left, right, or center). But there is even a quicker version! First write a text and then swipe to left or right to alter the alignment.


4 | Gradient text

Gradient or rainbow texts are something special. With some exercise you can create amazing gradients:
1 – First write the text,
2 – mark the whole text,
3 – select one color with one finger and hold it,
4 – press and hold with the second finger at the beginning of the text,
5 – then both fingers evenly pulled in one direction and you get the gradient text.

10 secret tricks for Instagram Stories


5 | Drop shadow effect in a text

Text with shade can be another fun thing in your stories. You need 2 exactly the same text (content and size). Color each one in your own color (for example, the one for the shadow in the black and the one that will be in front of the desired color).
Then put a black text back and colored before, slightly rearrange them so you get a nice shade.


6 | Hiden hashtag

Hashtags do not have to be hidden, but if there are few hashtags, they can quickly look too much confusing. You can hide them in many ways:
1 – change the size to an almost invisible size,
2 – color it in the same color as the background,
3 – cover it with a sticker or a GIF.


7 | Pin text, sticker, emoji, gif

Pin means that you can put a specific element on the video (GIF, label, text) that moves along with the item in the video.
First, you need a video and pin element, select the position, and click on the pin.


8 | Lists

Lists are also very interesting. You probably already seen a list, where with each tap new element appears. It’s pretty easy to do this. First, make an ordinary story and add title and first list element, click to save the story and add a new list element, save and add … Repeat to get a full list.
Then upload and publish individual images (stories) and get a nice list.


9 | Transparent background

You want to add a quote to the picture, but it almost invisible, because the picture is too colorful. Is this something familiarly? You can solve this by adding another layer with a transparent color between the image and the picture:
1 – Choose and upload a photo,
2 – click the second pen and choose a color,
3 – tap and hold down (you should get transparent layer),
4 – add a text or quote.


10 | Swipe up for link

If you don’t have 10,000 followers and a business account, then you don’t have a feature to swipe up on the screen. With one step more, you can use a trick that will help you do this:
1 – you need a video length of 15s – 2min,
2 – upload it on IGTV and add a title – something like “click here for the video” in the description adds a link (this link will be clickable in IGTV),
3 – add a regular story about the new video (can also be just a caption or image) and select the link icon above, and then select new IGTV.
This will allow user first to see IGTV and there will also be a link for new video.

Those are my 10 tricks! Do you know more tricks? Write it in the comment below on the video on YouTube or send me an email.

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