20 Ways to Destress for Free

20 Ways to Destress for Free

We’ve all felt it.
About work.
About finance.
About family.

Stress is in other words scare.
We’ve all felt it.

Sometimes too much. So it is important to take a time to destress and in this post, I share with you 20 ways to destress for free.


  1. Reflect on your Stress. What are you scare off?
  2. Be kind. Do something for someone else.
  3. Practice grateful. Think of one or more thing that you are grateful for.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Do Yoga or exercise.
  6. Go for a 10-minute walk.
  7. Breathe deeply.
  8. Step away from the screen.
  9. Massage yourself.
  10. Put on some music.
  11. Take bath.
  12. Coffee with a best friend.
  13. Craft.
  14. Smile.
  15. Unplug.
  16. Color, drawing.
  17. Play with dog, children, friend, partner.
  18. Stretch.
  19. Read a great book
  20. Watch an easy movie or youtube video.


We stress about those things we can control and those things we cannot. We don’t have to just sit back and take it. Hope these post and ways helps you to destress!


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  • Kelly
    Posted at 20:10h, 29 January Reply

    Great post!we could all use a little destressing!

    • Maja
      Posted at 20:42h, 29 January Reply

      I agree with you!

  • Tasha @ Cookie Crumbs
    Posted at 21:17h, 29 January Reply

    Thanks for sharing. I read this when I was in the middle of a stressful moment so I needed these.

    • Maja
      Posted at 06:37h, 30 January Reply

      Great! 🙂

  • Mary Jane
    Posted at 23:35h, 29 January Reply

    I love this list! A walk, some music, a bath…all things that can really bring your mind out of that stressful place and calm you down. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Maja
      Posted at 06:38h, 30 January Reply

      Yes and all you can do easily! Thank you 🙂

  • Heather LeGuilloux
    Posted at 00:56h, 30 January Reply

    Love all of these suggestions – I’m a huge self-care advocate. I need to learn to unplug more, though! 🙂

  • Bonnie McConaughy
    Posted at 06:09h, 30 January Reply

    I love the list, especially being kind and doing something for someone else. Simply reaching out to others is good too, a phone call or a text can do wonders to help us feel better.

    • Maja
      Posted at 06:38h, 30 January Reply

      True! Thank you.

  • Jamie Steele
    Posted at 20:50h, 30 January Reply

    Stepping away from screens is something I do often when stressed. I’m definitely going to use some more of these ideas! Great Post.

  • Nina Frambuesa
    Posted at 21:02h, 30 January Reply

    Thank you! I really need to get back to exercising and doing yoga.

  • Jodie Whitham
    Posted at 23:27h, 30 January Reply

    Great post! You feel so much healthier mentally and physically after doing a lot of these x

  • Kristyna
    Posted at 23:52h, 30 January Reply

    A good summary 🙂

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