3 Marketing Tips I would give myself a few years ago

3 Marketing Tips I would give myself a few years ago

3 Marketing Tips I would give myself a few years ago

Firstly, I’m not a marketing expert and for a while, I was deciding whether or not to write this blog at all.

Well, in the end, I decided to publish it. Obviously, I know.


Because, over the years, I have also gained a lot of knowledge and experience in this field and I believe that many people would appreciate good advice, perspective… on how to present themselves to the world. Ok, but mostly because I got quite a few questions about it.

Marketing perceived as I see it: go public and tell about your work so that people that need your services/products can find you.

3 Marketing Tips I would give myself a few years ago

So here are 3 tips:


1 | Find out who is your ideal client

You probably know this, but because it’s so important, I just can’t get past that. First, it is important for every business to find the ideal customer – so that you can tailor your services/products to that particular customer and to know who you are preparing content for.

Believe me that writing (good and interesting) content for a blog and Facebook is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

When creating new content, questions start popping: what to write about, how to write, in what form… this is exactly why you need ideal client profile.

If you don’t have an ideal customer yet, you can find a guide – freebies here 👉 WHO IS YOUR IDEAL CLIENT?


2 | Share, Share, Share and Set Healthy Boundaries

At the beginning of my journey, I often heard that I was sharing too much for free, doing too much for free… now I prefer not to hear it at all.

Everyone has their opinion, right?

Of course, I had some doubts if this was true, but I kept sharing and working… until I realized it was ok! Yes, you can never share or do too much for free if you feel okay to do so.

FEELING is the right measure of how to set boundaries (for those who would want to have even more for free).

My advice: Share as much as possible for free – as long as you feel it is right.


3 | Strategy and content planning

Uf, this one is a big one, but once you have a plan, you can save so much time. Once you know who you are addressing and choosing where you want to be present (eg blogs,

social networks, etc.), then it’s time to decide how often you want to post and plan your content.

For me it is the best to plan the content (or ideas) for the month ahead. However, when you post new content, it is not necessary – for the blog – to share it only once. You can tell about this blog multiple times on social.

Of course, keep the content quality!

These are my 3 advice, do you have anything else to add?


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