5 Apps For More Organized And Efficient Blogging

5 Apps For More Organized And Efficient Blogging

Writing, writing, writing… photography… editing… publishing… promoting…


Blogging can be a lot of work.


With right tools and apps, it can be more organized and faster. I use a lot of apps, I like to test new apps, but here are 5 of my favorites one and how I use them to keep my blogging routine running smoothly.


Meistertask: For task

Nothing new here. 🙂 If you follow my blog, you probably know I like Meistertask and use it to track all my blog post ideas. I organized them by themes so I can easily check it when planning new blog posts. I also use it to track all my task for a specific blog post.


Google Calendar: For planning blog post, monthly blog to do

For planning my blog post I use Google Calendar and printable version (more about printable). I like to plan my blog post in Google Calendar because I can simply rearrange post, or change them for some other themes. I also like to have access to my calendar on the way and when I am not next to my printable one.



Google Drive: For writing, sharing + editing files

I write all my post in Google Docs. In Google Drive I have a folder “Blog” and for every blog post sub-folder. In this folder I store Google Docs with blog post text and images I would like to add, I also add everything else in this subfolder (freebies, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator files…). Why Google Drive? Because I can then access from my other computer, phone… everywhere and anywhere 🙂


Photoshop: For photo editing

For editing photos, I always use Photoshop, for graphics I use Illustrator, for freebies I use InDesign. Yes, I love Adobe products 🙂 First I export photos from my camera and edit raw images and if needed edit theme even more. I save them from the web in a smaller size.


JPEGmini Pro: For image optimization

I prefer to optimize images before uploading them. For optimization, I use JPEGmini – definitely my favorite app for smaller images sizes. Before JPEGmini, I used ImageOptim – also a great app, but JPEGmini do a better job.

p.s. today I have also sent new template for planning blog post in August, if you don’t know what I talking about, you should check this post.

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  • Sara
    Posted at 09:48h, 31 July Reply

    Haven’t heard of any of these except Google Docs.

    Just a question, where is MeisterTask available? Just on Android or is it in iTunes?


  • Deryn | Running on Real Food
    Posted at 15:33h, 31 July Reply

    Nice list. I’ll have to check out MeisterTask…oh wait, maybe not if they don’t have an Android version. There’s probably something similar though? Right now I use about 8 different notebooks plus Evernote so I’m not that organized with keeping track of ideas! I use CoSchedule for scheduling posts, which I love. Evernote is actually amazing but I need to remember to put notes there instead of a in a bunch of random notebooks..lol. I use Photoshop for editing too and just save my images for web from there, and then use the WP Smush plug-in for further compression when I upload. Thanks for sharing these!

    • Maja
      Posted at 16:35h, 31 July Reply

      MeisterTask is for iPhone, iPad, macOS and Windows: meistertask.com. Trello is simmilar app 🙂

  • Saša|inspirationalpsychology
    Posted at 07:37h, 13 August Reply

    Thanks for sharing those apps! I usually prefer paper-pen orginazing stuff, but just realize that it take too much time :/ So I will definitely try them 🙂 And also good advice about using a google drive … so that you can really have an access to your blog writing everywhere you go 🙂

    • Maja
      Posted at 07:44h, 13 August Reply

      Yes, it can be time-consuming and the best thing is that you can always access everything on your phone. 🙂

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