5 ways how you morning should start

5 ways how you morning should start

Glass of Warm Lemon Water

Glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning is an excellent way to get your body going


Yoga or Stretching

Only a few minutes of Yoga or Stretching can make a big different in a whole day. This are my favourite YouTube videos to be active in the morning:



You can get the benefits from just a few minutes of meditation. 5 to 10 minutes can be enough. For meditation, I use great app Headspace (iPhone, Android). I love this app because it helps me to stay focused during meditation. 🙂


Breakfast and Coffe / Tee

I don’t leave home without Breakfast and Coffee. If you are not the person for breakfast you can prepare it the night before or prepare something that is already prepared in the morning like granola (my granola recipe).


Write Out Your Top 3 Tasks for the Day

Plann which 3 (max 5) important things you have to do. If you have more thinks to do you can write it down, but choose which are really important. You can print and use my printable daily planner.


This is how my morning start. How do you start you morning for the best day?

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