6 Tips On How To Stop Wasting Time

6 Tips On How To Stop Wasting Time

Stop wasting time! 🙂


We all have 24 hours per day, and none of them is 100% guaranteed! So, it is important to make the most out of them. I don’t mean only work. I mean, we all should spend time on work, activities, and relaxation – that fills your batteries and recharged you!


How to use time, depends on each individual. It often happens that I spend a lot of time on things that are a pure waste of time, they do not cheer me up or fill me with energy. In short, there is a waste of time that I want to avoid as much as possible this year.

6 Tips On How To Stop Wasting Time


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It only takes one day and is a great indicator how you spend your time. So what do you have to do is pick a normal day and write down all that you do this day, along with the time you spend. Everything, including driving, the time you spend on Facebook …

At the end of the day, you can analyze where you spend the most of your time. You can quickly see where you spend most of your time, maybe even wasting time on something you do not want to, but you do not even realize it. Now you see, and you improve it.



When alarm clock wakes you in the morning, don’t take your phone and check all notification (Facebook, E-mails, SMS…). This you should check after taking some time for your self, or even better after finished first task!



Plan your day evening before or in the morning. Create to-do list on paper or computer. Then select and mark the 3 most important ones, and if you do only those three, it’s enough. First, do the task you don’t like, so after this will be done, you only have better tasks – this is great for motivation.



A mini tip that makes big difference. Turn off notifications on your computer and your phone. E-mail notifications, notifications from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. You can check your notifications and news when you take time to do this and you don’t need to have a constant reminder and a distracting factor. This will help you with a more focused work.



If you use e-mail regularly, you can plan the time when you check and reply to e-mail. Choose two or three-time blocks, and only then answer to e-mail. And… when you answer, try to answer as much as possible – for example, if you are planning a meeting, you can proposing a time and a location – this can reduce the number of mail.



The last tip, which I didn’t do for a long time, is very important, although it may not seems to be – plan time for yourself! No matter what this means for you. Is it a sports activity, a walk, a game, a movie, a massage, a manicure, a bath… anything that makes you smile and recharge you. This is important for both motivation and personal satisfaction. It’s important to plan and add this to your planner or calendar and stick to it.


Those are all the tips I want to share with you today. What is your biggest time waster?


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  • Richelle Anderson
    Posted at 14:25h, 08 January Reply

    This was so timely! I went to a class once where I heard about a study that it takes 15 minutes to get back to the level of concentration you were at prior to an interruption. Shutting down emaill and silencing my phone has made a huge difference in my effectiveness.

    Great tips. Thanks

    • Maja
      Posted at 14:41h, 08 January Reply

      Thank You, for stopping by, Richelle! Shutting down email and silencing phone really make a big difference.

  • Alicia
    Posted at 14:27h, 08 January Reply

    Some great tips, going an for a few, like the idea of top 3 most important jobs, lists am Ben I’ve overehelming at times!

    • Maja
      Posted at 14:43h, 08 January Reply

      To choose 3 most important task is beneficial! 🙂 You should try. Thank You, for stopping by!

  • Daniella
    Posted at 15:08h, 08 January Reply

    Ok, I am definitely guilty of checking my phone first thing in the morning. I have been trying to change that to stretching first thing and meditation.

    • Maja
      Posted at 19:52h, 08 January Reply

      Yes, try for one week! It is so worth.

  • Shelby @Fitasamamabear
    Posted at 17:25h, 08 January Reply

    My to-do list is my savior lol so is having scheduled times for social media because otherwise it’s a HUGE time waster!

    • Maja
      Posted at 19:51h, 08 January Reply

      Oooo yes! 😉

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