How To Add Image – WordPress tricks

How To Add Image – WordPress tricks

Every post is better with a photo. Right? 🙂 In WordPress, you can add a photo in two places:

Direct into the body (how – keep reading).

As Featured Image:
Depend on Theme you use it can be shown as the image below or top on your title. It is also possible, that there will be no image in your post, but it will be as a mini image in your list of blog post – archive, it is also seen in your link when you post them on Facebook (more about this in next post).


So how to add the image:
1. Click Add Media

2. In the new window you can choose an image:

or upload a new one – click Upload Files:

3. Click on chosen photo and in the right sidebar you will see additional info. Try to add as much you can, but at least Title. Choose a size and click  Insert into the post.

4. And the image is now in your post
5. If you now click on your image, there will be a new window:

  • Align left
  • Align center
  • Align right
  • No alignment
  • Edit
  • Remove



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