Apps to Upload, schedule & manage your Instagram posts

Apps to Upload, schedule & manage your Instagram posts

Why would you like to schedule Instagram posts? If you run a business on your Instagram, then you probably already know why. Otherwise… sometimes I shoot a little bit more photos (when have a little bit too much inspiration) and I would like to publish them on Instagram, but because I don’t like to publish them at once scheduling post can be really helpful.
Second reason is writing caption. If the caption is short there is no problem. If I would like to write a little bit more, then typing on my iPhone can be really time consuming and pain in the ass. With App, you can add caption on a computer.
Third reason is photos taken with camera. Sometimes I prefer to shoot with my camera, especial if I need photos for my blog or other projects. It is easier for me to just upload images to scheduling app, add caption on my computer and schedule the post.
Are you convinced that scheduling can be helpful? 🙂
Scheduling on Instagram don’t mean that images will be automatically published, you have to publish them manually. First, you create a new post, add caption and tags in the app. When it is time to post, you will get a notification on your phone (first you need to add the app on your phone). By clicking on notification you can open image and caption will automatically be copied. In Instagram, you just paste (tap, hold and paste) your prepared caption. Publish and that’s its.
Seems easy. Right? It is! I really like & use this two apps and I think you will like them too.

Later – Visually Plan & Schedule Instagram Posts

Later is great app to schedule Instagram and other social media posts. I use it only for Instagram because I don’t really schedule on other social media. You can upload more images at once and store them in Media Library and then just use them when you would like to schedule new post.
You can also view analytic: about account summary, which photo have the most engagement, what time works the best for you to publish and more. Totaly honest I don’t really use this part, but sometimes I check which photo has the most engagement (I am always surprised).



Planoly is one more great app. First I didn’t like it, but now I found it great! You can upload and schedule image just like on Later. The most special and useful part is Comments, when you can see new comments and answer if needed. There is also Analyze part and many more.

Both apps you can use for free (with a limitation – up to 30 per month) but it can be enough to start.
Now is your turn! Tell us do you schedule Instagram images and which app do you use?

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  • Ellen
    Posted at 13:34h, 24 July Reply

    A friend just told me about Later. Glad you like it. I need to try it!

  • Victoria Pease
    Posted at 22:20h, 25 July Reply

    This all sound like great ways to manage a social media account, think I might download the second one as the chance to look at analytics would be quite useful.

  • kristin
    Posted at 23:42h, 25 July Reply

    IG can be such a pain ! these tips are so helpful, thank you!

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