The Best Photo Editing Software That You Shouldn’t Miss

The Best Photo Editing Software That You Shouldn’t Miss

Photo, photo, photos… We all have a lot of photos, images and graphic. And then one day you want to edit your photo
…add text or something like that…
…have no idea which program to use?
I can help you and show you some great softwares to edit images, graphics.



Photoshop is probably the best photo editing application out there. It is professional application to edit photos and also not so easy to use. But when you learn how to use it is real powerful software.

Platform: Windows/Mac
From 12.19€ (per month)




GIMP is a free cross-platform image editor. It is quite powerful software, but not so easy to use. If you would like to edit your images a little bit more, and Photoshop is too expensive that GIMP is perfect for you.

Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux



Canva is great online graphic editor, photo editing. You can simply edit your graphic online. For simple and fast uses.

Platform: All




PicMonkey is one more online editing app. Great to edit your photos fast and simple.

Platform: All
5.50€ (per month)



Snapseed is editing app from Google. Amazing!! This app is amazing and if you don’t know It, you definitely should check it out!

Platform: iOS/Android
Price: Free



What your favorite apps to edit photos?

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