Blog post calendar (freebie)

Blog post calendar (freebie)

An effective blog post calendar saves you time and keeps you organized. Although simple to create, such calendars are usually difficult to stick to. I design special blog post calendar and today I am sharing it with you! It is designed to plann your future blog posts and track your specific blog post status and social media shares. It also has place for monthly statistic and notes (e.g. future blog posts).




Reasons to use blog post calendar:

  • Consistency and Quality Content.
  • Planning future blog post helps take the pressure off when you’re super busy.
  • It gives you time to think about the content you’re going to create.
  • Avoid Blogger Burnout.




4 steps to building a great content calendar:

1. Brainstorm content that fits your blog.

2. Organize it by categories or topics.

3. Print your favorite blog post calendar.

4. Add content to calendar and check if all of your content is well distributed (e.g. all topics covered).




Blog post calendar is available in:

  • A4 and A5 formats,
  • color and black & white,
  • two languages: Slovenian and English.


Feel free to print and use it! Enjoy!

Other freebies for bloggers: Blog Checklist and Printable blog planner.


I hope you liked this printable. Please remember that all printables shared here on Hutamanama are only for personal use. If you would like to use them for something else, contact me and I’m sure we can work something out.


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