Maja Ojsteršek
How to make absolutely delicious overnights oats
Do you want yummy and healthy breakfast? In the morning you don't have time?
Coconut Oil in Coffee And My 9 Favorite Ways How To Use It
This is great morning drink that will definitely wake you up and prepare you for a great day!
DIY Cough Drops
Now it's right time to prepare some remedies for when you really need it for you cold and throw.
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
Quick and easy Muffins. ;)
Checkerboard Cake-Roll
Te sladice se spomnim iz otroštva, kot eno najboljših, ki jo je pripravila soseda. Priprava ni tako zahtevna, zanjo pa potrebuješ le nekaj več časa.
Almond Cake with Chocolate and Raspberry
Moist and quickly prepared cake.
Chocolate Covered Cookies
Cookies are dipped for an extra treat. ;) Party time!
What’s for lunch …. weekly menu printable
This week’s free printable is a meal planner!
Easy Hot Chocolate
A cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace in good company and a great movie? :)
White Chocolate-Almond Balls
White Chocolate-Almond Balls are perfect for all that love white chocolate and almonds.
Mini Apple Pies
I love this mini apple pies because you can easily change ingredients and made them with other fillings. Aren’t they so cute?
For breakfast I often eat Granola. Why? Because it is delicious, healthy, always at hand and quickly ready.
Breakfast Time
Starting the day with good breakfast will definitely be the great one! :) And if you've got more time this will be a great idea for your breakfast.