Bye Bye Hutamanama

Bye Bye Hutamanama

Hello, everyone!

Notice something new?


The new location, new logo and a few visual update of my website and blog so that browsing will be even better! 😉

Today I am so happy to present to you my updated website, especially my totally new logo and domain name, where from now you can find me! 😉

MOD is my initials (Maja Ojsteršek) and what I do – because I am not a just designer or just web developer, the best description for me is Digital Artist & Blogger. My new logo is half “feminine” and half more seriously – just like me. 🙂

My posting schedule remains the same: Sunday for a regual blog post, and every second Wednesday for WordPress tricks. If you would like to be notified when a new post goes live, you can subscribe to a mailing list (in the sidebar). Under every blog post, you can still leave request for next blog post.

Hope you like my new features and you will return more often and enjoy new content.


Have a good rest of the weekend!


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