“Coming Soon” page

“Coming Soon” page

This weekend I set up a nice “Coming Soon” website and got the idea to write more about it; e.g. what it is, why it is important and what information to include.


What is “Coming Soon” website?

Usually this site is placeholder of the page it be just launching or undergoing maintenance.


Why is it needed?

Basically it is needed in two situations:

  • When the current page is “under construction”:

With this page visitors will know that page is under construction. Doing so you can offer your visitors to subscribe to the news update, get in touch with you on Twitter or some other information.


  • When building a new (non-existent) Web page:

When you have your domain it is recommended using a “Coming Soon” page which can random or nonrandom visitors updated about what they will find on this page, on which social networks they can find you, how they can contact you…


A website that offers something more may mean that visitors will be happy to come back and you’re not going to let opportunity to gain new satisfied visitors.



What should be the content on the “Coming Soon” page?

There are different types of “Coming Soon” pages vary depending on its purpose. Basic types, which of course can also be combined, are:

  • Explains the site
  • Encourage Subscription
  • Keep Visitors Updated via Social Networks
  • Provide Useful Contacts
  • Beta Testing Invitations
  • Product Marketing
  • Create Curiosity



Information on such a side dependet on the purpose of the side. It is necessary to ensure that the site is not supersaturated and offer information and encouraged visitors to return.


On the basis of such sites may contain:

  • Contact information. Contact form or contact details, which visitors can turn to in case of questions.
  • Subscription form
  • Links to social networks so that visitors can follow you on social networks.
  • Information about you or/and about your site and what visitors can expect when your site is launched.
  • Countdown timer


What you should not forget at “Coming Soon” page?

Despite the fact that the site can be quite simple, don’t forget on SEO (search engine optimization) and that it will be mobile-friendly!


For the photographer Katja know as Ohana-k, I prepared a simple Coming Soon page that contains information about her photography, her contact information and social networks where visitors can follow her. Visitors can also subscribe to be notified.


Building an effective 'Coming Soon' page


Soon it will be also available a new website, about which I will write. 🙂



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