How To Deal With Negativity Online

How To Deal With Negativity Online

Online we can find a lot of information and some of them are pretty negative. If you have your own blog, web page or even social media you probably did see some negative comments. And then you probably didn’t feel the best. In this post, I would like to write about how to deal with negativity online (and also relevant in offline life).

First I would like to explain what I mean with a negative comment. This is negative, irrelevant and offensive comment without the point. You should understand that write such a comment probably have a problem and this is his/her way to release tension. In true this comments are not really your problem and is not really for you. Although it can be offensive and affect you, there are some ways how to deal with this negativity online:



Read comment. Is there any part of it that can benefit you and what is actually a purpose? If you can learn something from it, used it for this purpose. Great! 🙂 If it is only negative comment without a point, it is not really meant for you, so you can simply let it go.


Ok, now you learned something new, its time to respond. Be nice, try to explain your point of view. And… there is no to mooch of thank you. 🙂


Let it go! Don’t thing and thing all over again. Next time it will be easier because you have on more experience.
Negative comments you can use in your own adventure, you can learn something new about yourself and become a bigger person. So don’t let that this comment affect you too much. On my own blog, I follow a principle of positivity. Negative comments without point I don’t publish, because there is no point to do so. Comments with a different point of view I love to publish.
Bonus tip: If you follow some negative people on social media, you can simply unfollow them. Life is better without them 😉
I hope you enjoy this post and get some Idea how to deal with online negativity. If you have something to add, feel free and write a comment! 😉

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  • Ima
    Posted at 10:36h, 18 October Reply

    Letting go really does help alot
    People are insecure and irresponsible and that isn’t your problem.
    It’s hard, especially for me as I am such a soft person, but I have learnt that some people are just that way.


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