What Is On My Desk? My Desk Essentials and Organization!

What Is On My Desk? My Desk Essentials and Organization!

I try to keep my desk space a tidy and fairly minimal in its style, mostly it’s because with a lot of clutter I know I’d easily become distracted and my mind would start to wander.


Planner and Notebook

I use my own planner for planning and Moleskine notebook for my projects and notes. I am also trying Bullet Journal system to plan my day in details and if this system will be useful I will use it in my Planner 2017. 🙂


Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are the must on my desk. They are great just to remember some important information and have it always on hand.




Yep, to write in my planner, notebook or on sticky notes I need Pen. Nothing fancy really… I love Pilot FriXion Ball Clicker pen in black and blue.


Graphics Tablet

For my work, I need and use Graphic Tablet.



Handphones I use every day to listen music or other inspirational stuff.



I love the mini cactus sitting on my desk. Having a little extra life on my desk is energizing and refreshing.



Coaster and Glass of Water, Coffee

For hydration, I always have a glass of water on my desk and of course… coffee. 🙂



Lip Balm, Hand Cream and Refreshing Spray

To feel great I often need lip balm, so I keep it on my desk next to hand cream and my homemade refreshing spray (Rose water and Ylang-Ylang essential oil).


My next project I want to do, when I will have a little bit more time will be DIY hanging pinboard with moodboard and DIY plate for small things.

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