DIY Photography Hacks

DIY Photography Hacks

In this DIY Photography Hacks I share with you my two favorite hacks:


Light box

The first is Photography Light box. For Light box you will need box, baking paper, packing tape, pins (for attaching the “background”), background paper and 2-3 lamps.

This video shows you how to build it:


How To Build A Photo Light Box For Less Than $10


Why the Light box? The Light box is a great accessory for photographing small objects, because it provides light diffusion, uniform background and the photos are much better!



Light Reflector

The second is Light Reflector, which is handy to reduce shadow only from one side. These are photos with and without the Light Reflector:

 DIY Photography Hacks

To build Light Reflector I wrapped cardboard in foil. I glued it to the standalone picture frame and the Light Reflector is ready to use! 🙂

DIY Photography Hacks

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