How To Edit Photos On Android Or iPhone

How To Edit Photos On Android Or iPhone

Those evenings … walking on the cost and sun go down … there is beautiful sunset …
Beautiful, right?
Hmm, this would be really nice photo …
… and what is more convenient that taking a photo with your phone, that you already have with you. In past photos taken with a mobile phone were low-quality, but not anymore! You can take a great photo and high quality with your phone. With some editing, they can become really beautiful.
I’ll show you how I edit them.
Let’s go!
First I need a photo. This one was taken on the walk in Cres (Croatia). 🙂
I used free app Snapseed that is available on iTunes and Google Play.
My photo is nothing special but soon will be much better!

  1. Open the Photo.
  2. First Rotate the Photo. Try to straight the horizon.
  3. Then adjust:
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Ambiance
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Warmth

4. Details: adjust Structure and Sharpening.
5. Crop. In the second step I did just straighten the photo now I will crop it.
6. Rotate and Transform.
7. Selective and Vignette to make focus point (boat).
8. Brush to add special effect on water.
This is my before and after photo:
And also video:

How To Edit Photos on Android or iPhone

When editing photos I stick to the rules less is more.

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