Edit Pictures with Adobe Bridge

Edit Pictures with Adobe Bridge

Bridge provides you with centralized access to all the media assets you need for your creative projects. Batch edit with ease, add watermarks, and even set centralized color preferences—Bridge simplifies your workflow and keeps you organized. (more)


In previous article I mentioned Adobe Bridge, which I use for organizing my photos. I’m a big fan of Adobe Bridge, and for me it has become a big part in dealing with a large number of images and videos. There are many reasons why and this are my top 5 reasons to use Adobe Bridge:


  •  Quickly import and rename multiple photos

Adobe Bridge provides a very simple way to import and rename multiple images at once. This is especially convenient when you want to import and rename larger amount of photos. About organization I already wrote in article 5 steps to keep your digital photos organized.


  • Star-ratings

Another very important reason is star-rating. After importing all images give star ratings to the photos and delete photos with no stars, so you get rid of a large amount of bad photos. Good photos are so separated from bad ones by numbers of stars.


  •  Organization and search

Bridge makes it easy to import files from camera, and allows you to effortlessly move files to new locations without having to leave its interface. The navigation, search, keyword tagging, and ability to handle mixed media files are in Bridge very useful.


  •  Image thumbnail and metadata

Display photos as thumbnail is especially useful when you want to quickly select a photo, or have to choose between two or more similar photos. Quite useful can be also metadata that appears in the Metadata panel.


  • Image editing

If you use RAW format, Bridge offers you such a complete image editing environment where you can fix the color, brightness, sharpness, etc. without needing to open Photoshop. 


Edit Pictures with Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge

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