How to efficiently remove unwanted content from your photos

How to efficiently remove unwanted content from your photos

Do you want to take new profile picture?
… you don’t have time for a mask (honey and cinnamon) and wait for the pimples to disappear?
Then the next thing you can do is simply to remove it from your photo. In this video, I show you how to remove a pimple, some other element that does not have anything to do in the photo! 🙂 This is video in Slovene, but if you look what I do, you will probably understand how to use this app.

Kako odstraniti neželeni delček na fotografiji kar na mobilniku

When I edit my photos, I stick to minimal retouch. In portraits, I usually remove only skin irregularities (for example, pimples), other marks I leave.

To efficiently remove unwanted content from your photo, you can use:

  • Object removal – to remove objects just with painting them and tap “go”. Elements can be painted with a brush or with a lasso tool.
  • Quick repair – for quick repairs, where you just paint.
  • Line removal – detect lines and delete them (eg great for wrinkles, lines in the sky …)
  • Clone stamp – to clone certain parts in the image (for example, to clone a specific part, or the above tools are not effective enough).

The application I used: TouchRetouch (iTunes and Google Play).


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