Facebook pixel: what is and how to use it

Facebook pixel: kaj je in kako ga uporabljati

Facebook pixel: what is and how to use it

Facebook Pixel is not something new, but there are often questions about what it is and how it is used. Therefore, in this post, I will briefly explain in a simple way what it is and how you can use it.

Facebook pixel: what is and how to use it

What is Facebook pixel?

It’s an analytical tool that helps you monitor the performance of Facebook ads. You can use them:

  • to make Facebook ads appear to the right people (your ideal customer),
  • to increase sales,
  • to measure the success of Facebook ads,
  • to retargeting advertising.

Easy to understand: this is a text code that is inserted into the web page header, Facebook can then monitor visitors to your site.


How To Install Facebook Pixel?

In Facebook Events Manager, select Pixels> Create a Pixel. In the process, you name a pixel, and when you get to the code, you can copy and paste it manually on the page (Manually Install the Code Yourself) or send it to the developer that will do this for you.


How to check if Facebook pixel works on your site?

Once a code is embedded on a your webpage, you can test it if work properly. You can do this using the Chrome plug-in: Facebook Pixel Helper. Simply install it, visit your website, and quickly see through the installed plug-in if all works as it should.

More detailed about installation instructions for a Facebook pixel can be found on the official Facebook pixel setup guide

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