Why Free Website Is A Bad and Why Good Idea

Why Free Website Is A Bad and Why Good Idea

Why Free Website Is A Bad and Why Good Idea

There are providers that offer free websites and those who offer paid services. For some purposes, it is OK to use free websites, for others not so. Of course, we all want to have the best services at the lowest price possible (or even for free), but sometimes free services can be more expensive at the end. Here you can find some advantages and some disadvantage to chose free websites. And you should always choose what is the best for you.
Why Free Website Is A Bad and Why Good Idea

Free Websites

The idea of ​​a free website without any cost of hosting is definitely a great one. Before jumping in, read also why choosing this services is a good idea and why not:
✓ Free of charge
✓ Usually easy to use
✓ Suitable for playing, testing and not for the public (this my opinion)
✖️ Less functionality and editing compatibilities
✖️ Poor and unprofessional domain (usually contains – eg … wixsite.com)
✖️ usually poorer services and can contain hidden costs (eg for your own domain, customization, additional services, transferring website…)
✖️ usually poorly optimized
✖️ less functionality
✖️ content and the whole website is not really yours
✖️ contains ads (usually a lot of them and you can disable them)
✖️ your website lifetime depends on the provider
✖️ downloading website can be disabled and the provider has a locked this

Payable Websites

On the other hand, there are services for which you have to pay – at least domain and hosting (and probably also for developing a website, unless you do it yourself). Such sites have several advantages and some disadvantages.
✓ the website and the content is really yours
✓ (usually) unlimited options for editing, design, functionality
✓ you can have your own domain
✓ (usually) there are no hidden costs
✓ the page can be better optimized
✓ you have complete control over what’s on the page (eg, ads, sponsorship content…)
✓ with regular backups, your page is safe from loss
✓ you can transfer the page between different hosts (unless you have a specific request)
✓ you can choose a platform
✖️ price
✖️ usually need some more knowledge to manage
✖️ you need to take care of updates and other more technical stuff

In the end, of course, it is always your choice, what to choose, what is the best for you.

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