Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I often get the same questions, so I have put together a list of frequently asked questions (at least some of them), which I will update regularly.

What is a turnkey website?

A turnkey website is a website that is fully ready for launch. This means that everything from a domain, hosting, content planning, design, contact forms, optimization, analytics is taken care of… Beside design is also important that website is fully functional, optimized for mobile, search engines and it is also user-friendly. To implement this there is a lot of work, that is not visible to visitors.

Do I Need a Website?

If you have your own business then you need your own website. Customers will so find your contact details quickly and will get familiar with your business. The ideal will be that you have websites with a lot of useful and quality content, but this depends on what you are doing and what your preferences are. For some cases, only a website like business card may be enough, where the visitor finds only contact information.

Can I build a website by myself?

Of course!

Like everything else … if you know how, if you have a desire for learning and time, you can learn and create a website yourself.

Of course, it is better to let this work someone who build websites:

✔️ Because they have experience and will take care of things that you don’t see on frontend (like SEO, optimization, sped…)

✔️ Because they have experiences and ideas, what works and what does not, what needs to be included on your new website.

✔️ Because they have knowledge and experience to make the website customized for you.

✔️ Because then you have time to take your own business, perfect it and have the great website at the same time.

Will you give me feedback on my blog/website?

Yes, I can give you feedback on your blog/website – with 3 suggestion to improve it. What you should do is to fill this form contact.

What to do to get my page on Google?

The website needs to be optimized (SEO optimization). Google and other browsers have their own requirements. For example, you need to provide texts, keywords, descriptions, add a page to other aggregates, publish a link on social media, get backlinks… But, it takes time, even if you take care of all the optimization, the page will not show up as the first result overnight.
You can also find the list of questins at FAQ page.

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