Get Organized: Email under control

Get Organized: Email under control

Email can be a blessing or a curse. Managing an influx of emails is a growing challenge for many people. But it can be organized, even if your inbox is big disaster area. Here are some basic tips to get emails organized and under control. Hopefully you’ll find a tip or two in here that will work for you:


Sort your Inbox

Sort your Inbox by sender, category, filter and label them, whatever make sense to you. Respond to important messages immediately, and keep less important messages unread or mark them for later response.



Unsubscribe from the newsletters you don’t read.



Archive email & file the important stuff away, than be ruthless about deleting stuff.


Automate what you can

Automated filters and labels will immediately help you to determinate how important incoming mail is and where it belongs.


Clean up Inbox

Try to maintain an empty Inbox. Unread emails in Inbox means that all of your emails are organized and answered.

This tips help me to be organized and to have my emails under control. What about you? Do you have any tips I could add to these?

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