How to Relax: 5 Ways for Busy People

How to Relax: 5 Ways for Busy People

How to Relax: 5 Ways for Busy People

Most likely, all of us who own our own business often face the problem:
how to relax,
how to turn off your head

For me, this is (still) a big challenge for me. Especially when I have so many ideas, there is always more to do… how to switch off, avoid burnout… At the same time, some off time can give me a chance to see things from a different perspective, I get new ideas.

Solution = IT’S ALL IN THE HEAD.

No matter what you do or how much you love your work, relaxation is important. I hope any of the ideas below will help you with this.

How to Relax: 5 Ways for Busy People


For me, a trip is the easiest way to switch off. That is why I plan trips even if it is quite close – e.g. walk to the lookout tower. Trips are great for getting new inspiration, disconnecting, and fill up with new energy.


A book or movie

Sometimes a book, sometimes a movie or some good series do wonder! This, of course, is not an excuse to procrastinate.

You can find some ideas for books in the post My Favorite Books Right Now: Business and Spirituality

Some TV shows you may not know yet:
Queer Eye
Workin’ Moms
Extreme Engagement
Instant Hotel
Tidying Up with Marie Kondo


It’s really great to have at least one activity that isn’t necessarily directly related to the work you do. It gives you the feeling that you have a life (no matter how much you love your work), it gives you inspiration and allows you to gain a different perspective on the whole situation.



I know, I know, when you have your own business probably many of us have a problem with vacation. However, it is important to take at least a few days off.

Before vacation it is important for me to prepare everything so that I go “worry-free” on a well-deserved vacation, and come back with a lot of new energy.


Self-time, activity

Time for yourself. Everyday.
How do you know today is not your last day?
If it is your last day, would you take the time for yourself?
Take some time for yourself and enjoy it, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Walking, bathing, massage, exercise, exercise… can do wonders.

Do you have more to add, any suggestions? Share it in the comment so we get some more ideas!

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