How to relax? Here are some ideas!

How to relax? Here are some ideas!

Recently I decided to take some time for myself, something like meme time. And then I didn’t really know what to do to relax and pamper myself so I did some brainstorming and finally get some ideas (some new, most old). 🙂 So, if you need some ideas (maybe for tonight) how to relax, here you can find my favorites:


Yoga, meditation, walk

Exercise is the best technique to start relaxation. Which one I choose mostly depends on of how I feel and whether.


Movie, TV show

I don’t look movies so often, but recently I watch The Secret Life of Pets. Great animated movie to relax! Maybe with hot chocolate? 🙂



I like to read but because I work a lot with the computer I like to rest my eye and listen to some great audiobooks.


Pamer time

Pamper time makes me always feel great! Face mask (my fav), pedicure, manicure or something else is always great! 🙂


Coloring, creativity, garden

Sometimes it is nice to paint or color some good coloring page, create a plate from clay, make a pinboard, DIY body cream or only go to balcony garden! 😉


So, this is my favorite ways to relax! What about yours?

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