How To Relieve Stress With Coloring + Freebie

How To Relieve Stress With Coloring + Freebie

It’s time to find this (probably) dusty coloring pencils because today we are going to color! Yes, I mean coloring – what we as kids do quite often. Most of us probably don’t color quite often, if ever.

The coloring is a quite popular topic, and as experts note, it is effective in reducing stress and anxiety feelings. No longer are coloring books just for kids—they have expanded into a wonderful way to help reduce stress and boost mental clarity.

Do you still remember those days of coloring books?
Think about what has happened during coloring.
Where was the focus?
What was the main thought while coloring?
Which color to choose?
Which character will be next?

In short, the focus was probably on the coloring, which requires just the right amount of focus and effort that thoughts don’t go elsewhere. It’s like a kind of meditation that engaged brain just enough to be able to relax and ignore everyday problems.


Worth to try, right?


Equipment you will need you probably already have at home: colored pencils, markers, crayons, or just plain pencil … take what you like the most! And the printed coloring page that you can download below.

During the coloring, you can also use different techniques. Eg. instead of the usual coloring with colored pencils, you can color only with a pencil or add patterns.

If you are going to try this technique, let us know how it went and if you will share your masterpiece don’t forget to tag me 🙂 Beautiful colored pages you can also frame and hang on your wall, or as a special gift wrap.

The first coloring page you can download here:

How To Relieve Stress With Coloring + Freebie

You can print it as many times you want it and color it as you like.


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  • Danielle
    Posted at 10:14h, 10 May Reply

    such an amazing post! it really is so calming, and so is just doodling ^___^

    Life in Pastel

    • Maja
      Posted at 10:20h, 10 May Reply

      Thank you, Danielle.:)

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