Instagram tips for better photos

Instagram tips for better photos

Don’t use Instagram to take photos.

Take a photo using your smartphone’s Camera app that is much more capable as Instagram app. You can take more photos in row and catch the right moment. This is especially important when you take photos of objects in motion. You can automatically shoot photos with a square frame or with regular frames and then crop every image into a perfect square. To avoid that a square cropping does not outcomes as I would like to, I prefer to shoot photos with a square frame.


Get the best composition.

If possible, before you press the shutter button try to get the best composition. Some good tips you may find in article: 10 Composition Tips for Stunning Instagram Square Photos.


Get it straight.

I know that this is part of the composition but it is important and simple step to improve your photos just by straight horizontal or vertical lines. But don’t forget that sometimes the best photo you can get with breaking the rules! 🙂


Get the right light.

Take advantage of natural light and avoid flash!


Get the right crop.

Crop the photo. When you want to post entire photos on Instagram without cropping, you can just add background, for this you can use Squaready app.


Edit it.

Usually every photo needs some editing. Recently for me Instagram is sufficient. I just adjust brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, highlights, shadows, sharpen…


No matter how many rules and tips you take, it is definitely the best advice to simply enjoy photography! 🙂

Instagram tips for better photos
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