5 Steps to Keep Your Digital Photos Organized

5 Steps to Keep Your Digital Photos Organized

Although the digital camera has made it so convenient to capture everything, this also means that there are way more photos to organize. To help you organize photos follow these tips and steps:


Step 1: Folders

First step is to think about your folder structure strategy. I like it simple so let me show you the way I do it and I will leave it up to you to decide if it works for you or not. I first start with the master folder and name it “Pictures”. Each time before importing new pictures I create sub-folder. In the file name I use date and event: eg YYYY_MM_DD_event.

Example: sub-folder name for pictures from my vacations is 2014_07_10_vacation.

Step 2: Import

First of all it is necessary to transfer photos to the computer. Getting in the habit of downloading your images from your camera on a regular basis is highly recommended.

Step 3: Review, rename and give star-ratings

A little extra effort when you’re importing and reviewing photos can pay off big dividends later, when you’re searching for that special image. After importing all images review the photos you’ve downloaded on screen, give star ratings to the best photos and delete poor-quality shots.

In my opinion the best program for media management is Adobe Bridge.


Rename each photo in something that will help you to find the image later. If possible funnel the images directly into a photo management program and automatically rename the files.

I rename images in same way as folder with added number at the end (eg: 2014_07_10_vacation_001).

Step 4: Delete

Now that your photos are organized, it’s safe to erase them from your camera and next time you’ll avoid accidentally downloading duplicates.

Step 5: Back Up

Once all photos are organized into folders, don’t forget to back it up. You can store one copy of your images in cloud (Dropbox, Drive, personal cloud), external disk or other devices (DVD, USB drive).

To synchronize files and folders you can use free software FreeFileSync.

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