The Love And Hate About Blogging

The Love And Hate About Blogging

Blogging can be both hate and love.
Separate or at the same time 🙂
If you are a blogger, you probably know what I’m talking about, if not and you are interested what I mean…
…read on.



Of Course first, come positive things about blogging. 🙂
+ You Can Write What You Like. There is no limit.
+ You can express yourself in ways you want to.
+ You can “meet” and get know new people and maybe become friends.
+ Positive feedback and communication.
+ Sharing great ideas, knowledge and with that, you get the motivation to research even more and know more.
+ Become a better writer, photographer…
+ Sometimes you do something that you wouldn’t (eg Food blogger place their food a little nicer).



There are several negatives of blogging as well:
– For a single blog post, there is a lot of work. Writing, photographing, editing, editing, and editing…
– Finding Thing To Talk About. Sometimes you can just get writers block and have no idea what to write about.
– Blog Spam and Trolls.


Even though there are positives and negatives about blogging I enjoy it (most day!). Now your turn: As a blogger, what would you add? As a reader, what do you love and hate about blogs?

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  • Jenna
    Posted at 17:04h, 29 August Reply

    This is so true! Thank you for writing what I am feeling!

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