How to make the most of every day + freebie

How to make the most of every day + freebie

With a great plan, of course!


But planning is not the only think you should do to make the most of your day! You should also program yourself to start day positively. To make the most of every day I prepared free printable for a perfect day.




First start the day positive and with gratitude. Think and write down 3 things that you are grateful for. Relay think, what are they? If you wake up, this can be one of them if you don’t find anything else (you are alive and healthy).


Second. What will you do today? What will you do today that you can’t wait to do? It can be little things like pampering, coffee with a friend…


Now you are probably in quite a positive mood and motivated to start and plan your day. If you like you can also plan and write down your meals and track your drinking habit through a whole day.


Then it is time to plan what you should do today. First thing: what are 3 the most important thing you should do and just to do these 3 things feel productive and satisfied? Write them down.


If there is something more to do, you can write it down in To-do section.


This is a fast and efficient system to make the most of every day! Now it is your turn! How do you do the most out of your every day

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