My blogging process

My blogging process

I decided to write a post about my entire blogging process, from coming up with content ideas to publishing and promoting my posts. And there you have it, hope you like it and get useful ideas to improve your own process.



I always have my phone with me at all times, so that when an idea for a blog post pops into my head I can write it down. For tracking all content ideas, I use great app Wunderlist.



Towards the end of each month, I like to plan out my content for the following month. First I transfer my content ideas from Wunderlist to Trello and organize them by themes. Planning  time! 😉 Planning my blog post for next month gives me a better view of my posts and what will I write about, so I’m less likely to share too similar post.


For planning, I use Trello calendar and my free printable blog post calendar. I’m not overly strict once everything is planned out. If I want to write something else I add it in and just reschedule a different post for the next month.



I love to have my own photography on my blog, but sometimes I also use other stock photos. When I have the proper photo I edit it and after I get the photos edited to how I like, I save them in proper size and optimize it with my ImageOptim app. For editing photos, I use Photoshop and Ilustrator. Often I also create photos to promote my new blog post on Pinterest and Instagram.


my blogging process



When it comes to writing my blog posts, first I like to create draft,  then I’ll go back over and re-read it and take out anything that doesn’t sound right or improve it. This is my checklist for my blog post:



  • Draft
  • Title
  • Content (Intro, Body, Conclusion)
  • Images for post
  • Post in Slovenian
  • Post in English



  • Optimize blog post title
  • Load post into WordPress and save as draft
  • Add Description, Keywords, Tags
  • Add Image for Pinterest
  • Add Image for Instagram
  • Add “Click to Tweet”
  • Add featured image
  • SEO for images (eg Alt Text, Title…)



  • Read post one more time
  • Schedule or publish post
  • Share post on social media
  • Plan promotion in Google Calendar



After a post has gone live, I want to promote it without coming across as spammy. I share it on G+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram but usually not in the same day. I also plan my follow-up promotion in Google Calendar (eg Google+: 6 months after publication, Twitter: 3 days after publication).


And this is my blogging process. What is yours? If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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