Project Planner

Project Planner

I’ve designed Project Planner for small or medium projects. With some modifications, it can also be used for bigger projects. With project I thinking of home projects, personal project, DIY projects and also business projects. With this minimal designed Project Planner, you will use less time to plan your project and your project will be well organized and planned. You can also buy your printable Project Planer in my Etsy Shop as a whole planner or only one major page to plan your project.


Planner includes:

  • Front Cover
  • Project Notes
  • Project Plan
  • Weekly Project Planner
  • Monthly Project Planner
  • All Tasks Overview
  • Notes
  • Back Cover


There is no limit on the number of times the file can be printed, you can print as many copies as you wish. You can also design your own planner to plan your project.


In this post, I just want to share how I use this planner. With a great plan, you can save a lot of time and stress situations. If you organize the project in a smaller task and this task in even smaller and then set your deadlines in normal time periods you can do this project easily.


Steps to well planed project:


1. Basic Information  (you can use Project Notes page)

Write down basic information about your Project:

  • Project Title
  • Contact Person (if needed)
  • Timeline
  • Deadline
  • Start date
  • Completed date
  • Description
  • Major tasks (To do)
  • Notes if needed

Project Planner


2. Brainstorming  (you can use Notes page)

For brainstorming, you will need Notes page or simple blank sheet of paper. Write down everything about this project (task, notes, don’t forget…).




You don’t have to organize them, just write everything down. In next step, you will organize them.


E.g.: If my project is “My first Blog”: colors, design, blog name,  how often to post, content…

Project Planner


3. Determined and organize major tasks-Main Steps (you can use Project Plan page)

From everything you write down determinate which tasks are major. Write them in “Main Step” boxes. First Main Step that you have to do you write in the first box and last in last.


E.g.: My Main Steps are: blog plan, design, the realization of a blog, maintaining a blog.

Project Planner


4. To do list for each Main Step (you can use Project Plan page)

What have you to do for each major task? Write down to do list under every “Main Step” box.



Blog plan: blog content plan, which information will be available, how often I will publish …

Design: find the designer.

To realize a blog: find a person who will set my blog, optimization, testing.

For the maintenance of the blog: make a plan for backups, update.


5. Don’t Forget To (you can use Project Plan page)

If needed write down also important notes-Don’t Forget To.


6. Schedule each Main Step (you can use Project Plan page)


  • Timeline
  • Deadline
  • Start date
  • Completed date


Blog plan: 1 week, 8. 4. 2016, 1. 4. 2016.
Design: 2 weeks, 15. 4. 2016, 8. 4. 2016.
To realize a blog: 1 week, 29. 4. 2016, 15. 4. 2016.
For the maintenance of the blog: 1 week, 6. 5. 2016, 29. 4. 2016.


7. Write important date in your planner or calendar (you can use Monthly or/and Weekly Project Planner page)

If you use planner or calendar write your dates down. You can also use Monthly or/and Weekly Project Planner page from my Project Planner bundle.

Project Planner


If you use my bundle, then you can also write all your task on one page and set priority for each task (you can use All Tasks Overview page).

Project Planner

Hope this post and the bundle will help you with planning your next project! If you want to share your own project plan process plz share it in the comment section below. 🙂

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  • Jodi M Clock
    Posted at 00:17h, 24 March Reply

    Back to the basic always works – it was a great reminder of why I need to write things down and hold accountability. Nice post

    • Maja
      Posted at 06:56h, 24 March Reply

      Thank you, Jodi!

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