How To Spring Clean Your Blog And Social Media In One Day | Freebie

How To Spring Clean Your Blog And Social Media In One Day | Freebie

If you’re going to Spring clean around the house, your blog and social media accounts could use some sprucing up, too. Here are some tips you can use to spring clean your blog and make sure your online presence is the best it can be. I even prepare for you free Blog And Social Media Spring Cleaning Checklist to make it even easier. And yes it can be done in one day! 🙂

How To Spring Clean Your Blog And Social Media In One Day (freebie)

>> Blog Spring Cleaning


  • Clear your blog of old, irrelevant content.

Re-read your posts and make sure they are still relevant.


  • Update images.

Update images in your popular post and make sure they are relevant and high quality.



  • Get rid of unused categories and tags.

You might have some categories just sitting there and not being used. Delite what you are not longer going to use. Also, delete irrelevant tags.


  • Make sure every image on your site has an Alt tag.


  • Cross-link between posts for better internal linking.


  • Make sure you use HTML tags for your content (e.g. for titles <h1>).




  • Re-evaluate and clean up your Sidebar and Footer.

Consider how your sidebar looks alongside your content.


  • Update your home page.

Is your content on your home page still relevant?


  • Update your menu.

Try to make it simple and organized so that your readers will find content fast.


  • Add missing pages.

Try to find out if there is any page on your blog that your readers are missing (e.g. about me, contact…).


  • Check if your blog is mobile friendly (responsive) and if not – fix it!


  • Add mailing subscription option.

Do you have a mailing list to notify your readers about a new post?



  • Remove dead links.

Check your links and if they are not active anymore, try to replace them or simply remove them. WordPress user can use Plugin Broken Link Checker.


  • Redirect old removed web pages.

If you removed some page you should also redirect them to e.g. new page or homepage.


  • Clean up plugins and themes.

If you have some deactivated plugins, then you might want to go in and delete them. Plugins you don’t use anymore also deactivate and remove. The same for Themes. Go into your themes section and remove the ones you are not using, you can always install them again later if you decide to change it out.


  • Delete spam comments.

If you have a lot of spam comments just sitting there, go in and start deleting them asap.


  • Make sure your social share buttons work.



>> Social Media Spring Cleaning

  • Dump inactive accounts.

Maybe you thought it was a great idea to try some new social media work for you and it just didn’t pan out. Dump this inactive accounts and unlink them from your blog.


  • Clean up your profiles.

Update your bios, profile picture, and cover page. Your profiles across all media accounts should be consistent. If you have a logo or particular colors and fonts you use on your blog, those should show up on your social media accounts too.


  • Evaluate connections.

Stop following people who just cater to your insecurities.


  • Connect with new people.

Connect with new people that you want to follow and enjoy following them.


  • Cancel permissions to access your accounts.

Login with e.g. twitter can be simple, but after a year of giving permission to third-party apps, there could be a lot more than you would think. Cancel permissions you don’t use anymore.


How To Spring Clean Your Blog And Social Media In One Day (freebie)


There you go! My tips to clean up your blog and social media this Spring. And yes you can do this in one day!

Would you have an addition to the list? Leave a comment and let me know.

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