Stay motivated during the day

Stay motivated during the day

Sometimes I wake up motivated and ready for new day, sometimes not so. During the day I try to be motivated as I can be, for this I use some tricks and today I am going to share them with you, so we all will be motivated during the day. 🙂 Here are some of my tips:

  • In the morning takes time to plan the day and create to-do list.
  • Do creative work first or work that you want to have already been done. 🙂
  • Make sure only the tabs you need are open. If you can use multiple desktops even better! One Desktop can be used for entertainment (e.g. Social networks, YouTube, news), another to work (e.g. for every project your desktop).
  • Turn off all notifications on computer and phone (mails, Twitter, Instagram …).
  •  Use headphones and music that gives you energy.
  • Drink more water.
  • In any work try to find something positive, what motivates and entertainment you.
  • Visualize your goals and remind yourself why you are doing this.
  • Don’t leave things uncompleted.


Don’t forget that work isn’t everything and it is necessary to take the time and enjoy both work and free time 🙂


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