Items every woman should have at her desk

Items every woman should have at her desk

I am one of those who spend a lot of time at desk. This is why I’ve rounded up these items that every woman should keep in her desk, or at least some of them. 🙂



Water in reusable water bottle is a must for me. Depending on the season and mood there is also time for lemonade, coffee, tea, juice … 🙂



For those critical moments when hunger attacks or you energy level is really low is good to have some pick-me-up snacks. A cookie or two, a piece of chocolate or healthier alternative like fruits, nuts, energy bars may be indispensable. 🙂 For fresh breath and good taste is handy to keep in your desk some gums.


Planner, paper, pen

My faithful assistant is definitely planer in which I plan everything. Next to planner on the table is Filofax, which I use to take notes, sketches and keep all relevant information for each individual project.




Hand lotion

Especially in the cold part of year the hand lotion is necessary. It is also handy in warmer part of the year, not only for hands but also for your feet or frizzy hair. 🙂


A hair tie, pins

Sometimes you leave your house thinking your hair looks great, and by the time you’ve arrived at your desk or eight hours later, everything has changed. In this cases the best solution for long hair are ponytail, bun or braid, and for short hair one pin can do wonders.


Lip balm

Lip balm or lipstick is probably in every woman’s purse and is also handy at your desk. If you don’t like Lip balm, you can use coconut oil or honey.



When in the office is loud, you need peace or just want good music, the headphones is a great solution!


Makeup bag with the essentials

Useful makeup products in such a bag are: concealer, blotting sheets for oily skin, lipstick and mini mascara. And because you never know when that may surprise those days of the month, make sure you have in feminine products. In case you will need refreshment deodorant and maybe perfume is one of the essentials.


What necessities do you keep at desk to help get you through the day?



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