How to Use Gmail With Your Own Branded Domain For Free

How to Use Gmail With Your Own Branded Domain For Free

If you own your own domain, you probably have also email with this domain.

And to use it…

you have to remember to look at this email…


and this can be time-consuming.

But it can be a lot easier. You can add your email with custom domain to your Gmail.


Why Do You Need A Branded Domain Email?

If you have website, blog or online shop it is necessary to have the email with that same domain. It looks more professional and more trusted.


Why Gmail?
Gmail is one of the most used email providers and you probably own one, right? 🙂 It is very useful and especially necessary when using other Google apps.


For example, to show you how to use Gmail with your own branded domain for free I will use my email [email protected]


1. Login to your Gmail and click Settings > Settings:


2. On Tab “Accounts and Import” click “Add another email address”:


3. Add all information:


4. Add SMTP Server, username and password:


5. And your new email is added:


Now you can choose from which email you will send new Message:


6. Now we have to set our Gmail to check emails from other accounts. Below “Check email from other accounts” click “Add an email account” and add all information:



Now you have added everything:


That it. You can use your own branded domain with Gmail for free.

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