Why Analytics is important to your website

Why Analytics is important to your website

Knowing your audience is an important factor for any website, regardless of whether is a blog, simple webpage, business webpage or online store. You’re probably wondering why it’s important and you’ve got many reasons why you don’t need it. However, continue reading and probably you will get some good ideas how it can benefit you.


Why Analytics is important to your website



For blogs

Even though you have blog and you don’t sell anything is analytic important to better understand, serve and build your online audience. With analytic you will know what content your readers prefer to read, which keyword they use to come to your blog, on which devices they read your blog, what browsers they used… Now you probably want to know how you can benefit with this information? With this data you can give your readers what they enjoy read and you can improve your blog (e.g. SEO, use proper keywords, responsive…). Analytic can also help you in those days when you don’t have so many ideas for a new blog post. If you know what your readers want to read, you can create something similar and make them happy.


For businesses and online shops

For business and online shops analytics is especially important. Of course it is not enough just to have analytic, but it is also important to take some action after analyze it and make improvements.

E.g. if you have online store is smart to figure where you lose more customers and improve it. If it is on the side where they choose a payment method, it is worth consider how to improve this site. Maybe you need some other payment method? Or maybe you offer too little / too much / inappropriate methods of payment? You can help your customer to shop faster and simpler by optimizing page.

For companies it is also very important to know where to find customers and how to optimize marketing for more effective business.

These are just some ideas of how to use analytics to improve your website. Each site is in fact specific and has its own purpose and must also monitor the analytics adapted to this. To monitor the analysts, there are few tools but I swear to Google Analytic.

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